About Alex

Eleven years of experience in product development and marketing

In my work I strive for good presentation, usability, and scalability. My professional career began with GUI design. I developed skills to make my concepts functional and later learned how to manage resources and requirements for new feature and product releases. I thrive most when designing solutions for meaningful issues.

For me everything changed when I first watched a teacher design and publish a website in something called Macromedia Flash. In an instant, every other subject at school whiplashed to the backseat of my mind. Everyone experiences moments when things just make sense. I was only 15, but I knew my choice of this elective class would change my life. While Flash eventually faded away, what has come in its place continues to delight. I’m in my thirties now and I’ve experienced the internet as we know it evolve a few times over and grow so influential it can be hijacked and used to modify human behavior.

A Bachelors of Business Administration and a background of web development led me into engineering and sales support roles at a large telecommunications company. As the internet marched a steady path toward changing countless industries, legacy telecom organizations were forced to pivot from their conventional business strategies that served them for decades past. I took on a leading role in reshaping a variety of web-based software systems to demonstrate benefits of the new SaSS ambitions of the company.

In seven years I took part in different strategy, sales, and development projects ranging from the acquisition of Microsoft Mediaroom, leading the UI and data design for boostmobile.com and prepaid.sprint.com, designing applications for the Comcast X1 TV platform, designing GUIs for multi-million dollar CMSs, composing technical documentation and marketing content for new B2B software solutions, and working as a lead designer and direct sales representative at CES, SCTE, and NAB trade shows. I designed and directed multiple product demonstrations featured at Mobile World Congress for a Fortune 500 company.

Independently, I take on projects for small businesses. Serving different needs such as business development, GUI design, data and process design, business finances, budgeting, and branding, I aim to simplify operations and establish useful systems to address business goals. I hold a General Lines insurance license in the state of Texas and have passed the Securities Industries Essentials exam administered by FINRA.

View Resume (.pdf)

View Resume (.pdf)