Why No Built-in Phone Docks in Cars?

What has to be a result of either the most pervasive exercise in passive aggression or a run of the mill conspiracy theory, there are still no built-in phone docks in cars. As a result there is an entire sub-industry of companies that produce all types of phone docks that can go here or there and attach to this or that.

Designers and engineers of automobiles have to be extremely smart and actively consider an amazing variety of human behavior. Somehow, every one of them has accepted to ignore that they and the people they make cars for bring phones into these cars.

Digital GUI interfaces inside cars are shockingly different from one manufacturer to another, year-over-year within brands, and largely very awful. Moreover, whatever is produced in a given year represents a commitment to someone spending an incredible amount of money for. Your luxury car infotainment system will never get an OS update you are accustomed to from Apple or Google. Drawing a line in the sand for this long like this really makes automotive companies look small.

To not include phone docks or something which we now know as ‘CarPlay’ or “Android Auto’ until ten years after the introduction and wide usage of smartphones is an extremely myopic decision. That, or it is an extremely astute, calculated decision that keeps afloat hundreds, if not thousands, of small, unprofessional peripheral companies. If a car can now drive itself and park itself and stop itself, why did no one played a role in designing it consider where to put your phone? The absence of a dock only perpetuates distracted driving.