Latest Work

Mobile World Congress Demonstration Design & Direction

As the showcase for Ericsson at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015, Ericsson Expert Analytics (EEA) demonstrates a capable platform to interpret and use actionable data from a wide range of sources. For MWC, I developed multiple demonstrations to present different use cases of EEA. To show how the platform can respond to network activity and delivery of data to users I developed a video playback web application and survey web application.

I designed a product demonstration centered on the subject of bandwidth availability. Tracking and reporting information on congested networks is a common task for network engineers.

To illustrate how this product could help content and service providers deliver a consistent streaming experience I had a two-device setup wherein a user browses a video streaming service on a tablet and selects a movie to watch.

We programmed a timed, throttling function to start a few seconds after first playback is selected. This event signaled a device in the second part of the demo to prompt a user of a required action to provide greater access to a proprietary network. Upon interacting with a secondary tablet at the booth, the video playback on the first device would snap back to being perfect, 4K resolution, as it appeared when first selected to play.

The demonstration extended to a follow-up survey sent to the email on file for the user who experienced the issue in playback quality. The survey result would complete a lifecycle event for a predictable issue on an IP network.