Latest Work

Boost Mobile Website Design

For the development of boostmobile.com and prepaid.sprint.com I worked onsite with a Montreal-based team. Boost Mobile’s online shop was developed after the completion and launch of Sprint’s prepaid phone shop. As a subsidiary of Sprint, Boost had expressed a desire for the shop design to share visual cues from the Sprint website.

For Sprint’s site, there was a set of visual mock-ups I was required to follow when realizing the website. For Boost Mobile I took a greater role in defining the design systems used for the website and page data definitions. The original branch of design from the Sprint parent system was completed in a very efficient amount of time and provided a highly customized version of the design from Sprint.

Provided the team completed much of the design testing for the sister work only a short time before, we executed a fully fleshed-out, responsive web shop for Boost in under two months. The shop has served Boost for over two years.