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Product Development for Edge Computing CDN

Originally named ‘Unified Delivery Network’, Edge Gravity represents a strategic investment by Ericsson into VidScale, a developer of edge-computing content delivery network. In 2017 I produced the first design systems for the external website, back-end release management interface that connected with the company’s Salesforce CRM data, and composed much of the technical documentation.

The website is meant to encourage prospective business partners to join the consortium of parties acting as content and service providers, in addition to providing introductory information about the product, and announce upcoming B2B events.

From the website:

“EDGE GRAVITY by Ericsson is a corporate entity owned by Ericsson as part of the Business Area Technology and Emerging Business unit. Its purpose is to create next generation solutions in the edge computing marketplace by establishing a global ecosystem of providers.”

“Using the existing Unified Delivery Network (UDN) EDGE GRAVITY is connecting service providers to the network with applications running on the network. Together, this new global ecosystem enables experimentation with a variety of technologies to determine optimal techniques for future edge computing services.”

“EDGE GRAVITY is already changing what’s possible, with live, real edge computing applications including Edge-CDN, Online Gaming Acceleration, SD-Core, and Low Latency True Live Over The Top Video.”

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