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Branding for Group Transportation Booking Company

With a one-stop platform that makes booking group transportation simple by offering transparent pricing, easy payment splitting, one touch SMS invites, and a group itinerary all in one simple application, Modal Booking aims to solve many common problems in a growing tech sector. At a time when ordering a car from Uber or Lyft enables a seamless experience for users, booking a shuttle bus for a larger group event can prove to be surprisingly difficult. Without a single solution addressing all market needs a fragmentation of bus owners and third-party organizers complicate what should be an enjoyable process.

Modal Booking needed a brand refreshment that would secure the impression of professionalism as they grew their market. With different needs such as branding, GUI design, and data design, there were a number of deliverables for this project. Providing a brand that could scale with their burgeoning growth, I provided a logotype and color palette that evoked a more refined and minimal style. As the company grows more partnerships with different transportation partners their branding will promote different sponsors and organizers for scheduled events.

The branding spans from letterhead, business cards, Keynote theme design, web assets, all the way to website mock-ups and consideration for how riders will interact with the brand alongside event sponsors with wristband and trip itinerary designs.

Also delivered for this project were a series of back-end system designs. I provided mock-ups for how users would interact from an external, public website in addition to building a trip while logged-into their user profile. While the mobile application development was under development, I guided the data design with multiple data process designs and GUI designs.