Latest Work

Sprint Prepaid Online Shop

My work for Sprint involved defining design systems to be used for the prepaid phone shopping experience offered by the carrier. Over the course of five weeks, I worked with a Montreal-based team to complete an Angular based online store for the Kansas company.

I provided all website mock-ups relative to a design system defined after collaborating with the in-house brand team at Sprint. The foundation was used by the company’s brand and design teams in future template and wireframing updates.

A responsive, grid-based layout served as the basis for the Boost Mobile design system as well. The shop included multiple different page types that needed to scale as the product offerings expanded. We built a Javascript-based filter system that would display different product results based on simple inputs selected by the user.

Hosting the website on the “Multiservice Delivery Platform” from Ericsson, we were able to also use it as a file repository in the same way we would another CMS. The server-side rendering from Angular enabled the shop to perform in a very responsive way.

The online store has served Sprint for over four years and is still online even after the company’s acquisition by T-Mobile. The no-frills approach utilized the Bootstrap grid system and easily scalable design schemas allowing for future designers to pick up and progress quickly.